Traveling in Sri Lanka with kids

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Why is Sri Lanka lovely for kids?

Sri Lankans have particular sympathy for children, and those traveling with children will find that their presence will help to break the ice. Sri Lanka is a friendly and child-friendly place, although it lacks attractions such as amusement parks and the like. Beaches, Historic sites, National parks with Elephants can charm and keep children busy. However, due to the lack of individual facilities, exploring the country, they will have to show the same spirit of adventure and adaptation as adults. With a little preparation and attention to some practical aspects during the stay, traveling with children to Sri Lanka can be a gratifying experience.

The best regions for children

The best regions for children

The West
There are beaches and quiet places along this sandy coastline where you can enjoy a bit of relaxation and maybe build sandcastles. It is probably the most child-friendly region on the whole island.

The south
Beaches, a wide range of water activities and, in the eastern area, the possibility to spot elephants.

Hill Country
Most of the attractions of this region are more suitable for adults, but the mild temperatures are a real relief from the heat of other parts of the country. Visits to the tea plantations and train trips are great day trips.

Ancient cities
Ancient temples, fortresses, ruins, jungles, and elephants. Welcome to the world of Indiana Jones!

The East
Outside the high surfing season (mag-ott), the waves on these magnificent beaches can below. Kids will love snorkeling at Pigeon Island National Park.



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